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1034 W Julian Street, San Jose CA 95126 / / Site design
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Consultation and assessment
The initial consultation allows us to exchange ideas, explore the opportunities of
the site and desired garden spaces, and assess the scope and goals of the project in order to prepare a written design proposal. The design proposal outlines the goals of the project as well as the fees for the design work.

Conceptual plan
After acceptance of the design proposal, more specific information will be
gathered from the client and the site. A site analysis identifies opportunities and
constraints of the site and allows us to thoughtfully integrate the desired elements into a conceptual plan. The conceptual plan identifies design elements that will be more fully developed in further stages of the design.

Final plans and design documentation
Final plans are generated from the approved conceptual plan. The final plans
provide information necessary for the construction of the project. All elements of
the plan are drawn to scale and exact placement of design elements are carefully considered. Construction details will be provided to the extent agreed upon in the scope of work. We offer complete Landscape Architectural services including full construction documentation.